Gladiator Mastiffs
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Our girl, Artimus, is pictured below and to the left. She is an offspring from our original Gladiator. We now breed her  with our new Gladiator III which we obtained from a new line of English Mastiffs. They produce a beautiful cross between English Mastiff and Brazilian Mastiff with the genetics that we adore so much. She  is a large female with a calm temperament.  
 Gladiator III is pictured to the left and below. He is one year old in these pictures and over 100 lbs. This boy now sires all our puppies. He is a purebred English Mastiff from a good line in Western Washington.
Ebony is our black Brazilian Mastiff. She will be bred with Gladiator III in the spring. Her  puppies will be black or fawn puppies with black faces.
  Our three adults warming themselves by the fire.