Gladiator Mastiffs
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"We are really loving the pup we got from you. He is highly intelligent. He opens the door and lets himself into the house, and now with very little effort we tell him to shut the door behind him and he does that too."

  Our business motto is customer satisfaction. A money back health 
  guarantee is provided with each puppy. Upon the discovery of any 
  genetic defect or hip dysplasia within a year, we will refund the price 
  of the puppy or replace it. We introduce new blood lines to minimize 
  health problems. Our puppies have an excellent healthy track record.
     Ella at the park with her 
             little master.

Bella in the snow  
  "We can't imagine life without Ella.
  She is just one of the family 
  members and such a part of our 
  family. She is currently 160-170 
  lbs. If the fawn puppy is a male I 
  would love it for my father who 
  has also fallen in love with Ella."

  "My girl was the runt of the litter I'm
   so pleased to tell you that her legs 
  are straight and strong, and she is a 
  beautiful, sweet and affable girl. I 
  couldn't ask for a better dog! I 
  understand that Tigress is ready to 
  whelp what may be her last litter?     
  I'd love to see the pups with the 
  possibility of having another from 
  this line. I'll look forward to hearing 
  from you when the time is near!"
    "Thank you so much again for 
 everything. Lyle is beyond perfect."  
  "We are so happy with our dog.
  We would like to buy another one from you!:)
  The dog is beautifull we realy like him. He is house
  trained now, and he sleeps in my bed."

  "I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! I 
  thought I would reach out to you and let you know 
  how Lyle (puppy from your Halloween litter) is 
  doing. He is a happy, handsome, HUGE boy 
  weighing in at 139.5 lbs. I have attached pictures 
  for you to look at. He is the clown of our family. 
  We couldn't love him any more than we already do. 
             Thank you for this wonderful pup!"   
"Thank you so much for our beautiful Nala, she has been an awesome addition to our family. We are enjoying her so much, even the sleepless nights and potty training. My husband loves his Christmas present. She is adjusting very well with our other animals and is very social. She loves to cuddle and loves shoes. Great personality and very entertaining. Thank you again!"
"Hey Violet i have to say that its only been two days with Nalah and i dont know what you do with your dogs but she is amazing! we drove 4 hours north for a family reunion and she didnt make a peep until she had to go to the bathroom in which we stopped so she could go, and other than that she just snuggled with S and when we had her over night she was in a kennel and somehow got out of it and she found her way over to S and fell asleep across her chest and didnt have any accidents but waited until we woke up to tell us she had to go and waited till she was on the grass to go. i have yet to see any breed of dog have so much care of their living space as to not soil it at six weeks! she is again amazing and i cant wait to tell you stories of her growing up in the our house."
"Are you guys having more puppies? And he truly is a great dog! He's slept in our room with us a couple of times--he checks on us every hour when he does. I hear his sister is the same way :) and he LOVES his "baby" (our son)."   
  "Molly Mae is such an amazing part of our family!" 
"I think he's 135# in this 14 month age I just sent.  Absolutely gorgeous and very loveable. He's my best friend!!"
"Angus at 8 month is 105# of pure adorable love.  We love our Angus.  He's so handsome and growing big and strong.  Keep in touch."
I thought I'd send you some pictures of our two wonderful dogs that we got from you. Aleeka (3/7/2016) is the brindle and is tall and lanky. She has a very loving and funny personality.The fawn is named Karma (7/7/2017). She loves to have fun and is our prankster.My husband calls her "meat", which she comes to. She's shorter than Aleeka but much thicker. We absolutely love them both and they are a huge part of our family. Thank you so much for breeding such amazing animals with great dispositions. 
Just wanted to send a thank you for our sweet boy "Bear." He's now 18 months old and a healthy & happy 185 pound big baby. He loves playing with his chihuahua "girlfriend" Nilla (she's totally the boss) or with his bowling ball, or just relaxing with Dad. He has brought us countless amounts of love and joy. Thank you again for this beautiful piece of our family. 
Hi there. I know it's been a few years. But I wanted to let you know how our lady is doing. Gertie is the kindest, most sensitive and goofie dog we have ever known. She is a lap dog, is very spoiled, and loves jumping around in the yard. We live in Great Falls, Montana.