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     Gladiator is a gorgeous, impressive
     200 lb AKC pedigreed English
     Mastiff.  His ancestry includes
     strong genetic bloodlines from
     Florida and Griener Hall
     Mastiffs in Virginia. He is an
     adoring companion and issues  
     imposing warnings to any would be
     intruders.  Gladiator is aware of his
     massive size and knows his own
     strength. This compells and
     inspires him to exercise caution
     when necessary.  In the presence
     of children he is intuitively careful. 
     Our gentle giant also loves to settle 
     on a vacant lap when opportunity
     presents itself.  He enjoys thinking 
     of himself as a lap dog.  He is
     guided by gentle direction with
     natural instincts to obey. He loves
     to please and keep company with
     his family.  
Gladiator English Mastiff Quality Pedigrees sire all our puppies and most assuredly 
     contribute to their strength, physical stature and exceptional personalities.