About Our Puppies
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All our puppies are bred for the particular purpose of producing large, strong, healthy puppies with beautiful stature, muscular bone structure and excellent personalities.  They are healthy and robust from birth.  We introduce new Mastiff blood lines from excellent purebred stock of English Mastiffs to the  exclusive lines from  Brazilian Mastiffs to maximize the exceptional genetics within the Mastiff frame and insure that the genetics of our puppies retain the strong, pure and adoring traits of the Mastiff  breeds.  Our puppies fully carry all the superior traits of these ancient canines that can be traced back to Roman times.  They are intelligent, train quickly,  loyal, adoring, devoted affectionate and form strong lifelong bonds.   Brazillian genetics contribute speed and physical endurance for outdoor activities while the English Mastiff genes contribute their calm demeanor, huge size and imposing composure.  Our pups will be content to keep quiet company with their masters and  always eager to accompany outings.  

These puppies are also excellent with children. They are naturally careful and protective companions.  We conscienciously socialize our puppies from birth to minimize possible aggression towards outsiders.  However the dormant traits of protective guardians can be brought  out and encouraged with training if desired.  

The colors of our puppies range from fawn with black faces to light and dark brindle or black with splashes of white on their chests.  Females average 170 lbs and males 200 lbs when fully grown.  Some have wrinkled faces and excessive extra skin that they never grow into while others take on more traditional English characteristics with broader heads and somewhat tighter skin.  They shed very little to none if they acquire the fine satin coats of the Brazilian.  
We customarily have three to four litters of puppies a year coming about every four months, expecting our next litter in the spring. We keep a call list to notify waiting families when our puppies are born.  Please contact us for a puppy from our current litter or let us know if you would like to be added to our new arrivals list. 
Gladiator Mastiff Puppies
Our puppies are of supreme pet quality. However, these puppies cannot be registered or participate in show events because this an exclusive breed not recognized by AKC.

    These siblings are a year apart.
   The large girl is 14 months old and 
    represents a mostly grown Gladiator 
    Mastiff. The puppies are 5 weeks old.